Having sex on a second date: Things to consider first

Having sex on a second date: Things to consider first

Is it okay to have sex on the first date?” This is the question everyone thinks about before starting dating someone. But what about the second date. Is it more acceptable to have sex with someone when you meet them for the second time than for the first?

Of course, you should consider a lot of things before going to have sex with your date as it may lead to different circumstances. Having sex on a second date has its own advantages and disadvantages. And here are the things you should consider beforehand.

Sex on a second day is better because you already know each other

Even if you are not planning to have a long-term relationship with this person, having sex with someone who was open to you mentally, is much easier and won’t make you regret it afterward.

At the same time, you are still not too close to each other psychologically and it won’t take much effort to break up after just a few hangouts.  

In these ways having sex on a second date is much better than on the first. Though, if you are looking for a serious and long-term relationship, it’s better to wait a few more dates. Scientists reveal that having a deep emotional connection between the partners significantly improves the quality of their sex.

Go for it when you are ready

It doesn’t really matter what the scientists, or your mom, or your neighbors say about sleeping with a stranger, but when you feel that you are ready and want it right now, then just go for it! Nothing will tell you about the best time to have sex than your own body.

If you are confident enough to have sex with someone you don’t really know, don’t hesitate and stop yourself from having a great adventure.

Don’t be too serious about it

80% of sex on a second date end up as a short fling. It doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions but in most cases the sooner you have sex with someone, the shorter will be your relationship.

If you are not looking for anything serious, you can relax and have a great time.

Sex is different for men and women

This is an important thing to remember. While men are more easy-going in sexual life and they can give up their new partner much easier, women, on the contrary, are more settled and deeply in heart are mostly looking for a serious relationship.

Sex for women is more sacred and intimate than for men. They tend to show not only their bodies but their souls to the partner. That’s why for women it’s more important to continue the relationship after the sex on a second date and have the same feedback from their partner.

Expect the feelings of shame and guilt afterward

Even if you are sure that sex on a second date won’t stop you from developing your relationship with this person. She/he may not feel the same about it. When you are moving too quickly into the action there is a big possibility that your partner won’t find it appropriate in this period of your dating. Even if both of you are enjoying the process.

The feeling of guilt after sex on a second date may become the reason why your partner wouldn’t like to see you anymore (not even talking about dating).

Whether or not to have sex on a second date it’s your decision. Though, consider one more thing as well. If you are okay with having sex on a first or a second date and your partner is not, maybe it’s a sign that you have different attitudes towards life and this kind of relationship won’t work out.

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